Davor's test

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Davor's test

Post  Davor Plese on Tue Apr 12, 2011 6:19 pm

Here's my attempt. Enjoy. Very Happy

1) Which one of these sentences includes the verb in simple past?
a) I am studying to become a doctor.
b) Last year, I traveled to Japan.
c) At midnight, we were still driving through the desert.

2) Is the following statement True or False?
Toast is made in a frying pan. T/F

3) Choose the article that is missing in the sentence.
The first thing she noticed at my place was that my refrigerator was broken. The food in ___ refrigerator all went bad.
a) a
b) the
c) an

4) Finish the following sentence.
If you had been to the new restaurant, __________________________________________________.

5) Listen to the sentence, and write a single letter on each line.
Me and _ad were at a _am, near the _it, trying to _ick a _ie.
(dad, dam, pit, pick, pie)

6) Put the word in brackets in appropriate form.
I love making __________ (cookie) with my mother.

7) Put the verb in the brackets in the appropriate past tense.
I did not have any money to pay for the dinner because I ______________ (lose) my wallet.
(had lost)

Cool Circle the correct meaning of the verb "to catch on" used in the following sentence.
After I explained the math problem, she began to catch on.
a) to understand
b) to leave the room
c) to learn something new

9) Describe your favourite meal in three sentences. You can describe the meal using some of the following: where do you usually eat it, what do you eat it with, why is it your favourite, who cooks it, how it tastes.

10) Listen to the teacher and write down the following short text:
My mother cooks everything from rice and beans to fried chicken and steak. However, what I like the most is her chocolate cake, while my sister loves her pumpkin soup.
Davor Plese

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Re: Davor's test

Post  marta červar on Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:19 am

Hi, Davor

I really like your items. I think they are quite good. However, there are few things I would change (which doesn't necessarily mean it would be better, I am not an expert still study )
task 7 - the instruction says: an item to test student's understanding of terminology about blabla, so maybe it should be something like you did in the task 1 (take a look at the handouts from class - unit4 assessing terminology)
task 6 - hm... is the singular form completely unacceptable? in terms of grammaticality. scratch (+ if a student adds an article)

the rest of the test I like very very much! Very Happy

marta červar

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Re: Davor's test

Post  Davor Plese on Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:30 pm

I tried to improve task 6 based on your comment:

My brother can eat a whole bowl of __________ (cookie) in five minutes.

Do you think it's better now?

Thanks for you help about task 7, I'll check the handouts and try to see what am I supposed to do here.
Davor Plese

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Re: Davor's test

Post  Irena on Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:44 pm

Hi, Davor!

Marta has provided some useful feedback, and here are some of my observations as well (please, consider them suggestions, rather than instructions):

- item 1: you've approached the task differently from your other colleagues, but I think it works well Smile
- my suggestion would be to connect the sentences to food (if you add a bit of imagination, I'm sure you'll think of a way in a matter of minutes!) and to perhaps try to use the same target verb in all the sentences (not obligatory, though)

- item 4: it would be very useful to provide context, e.g. "John's friends went to the new Italian restaurant, but John did not want to go. Something [insert what] happened there" (this sounds a bit clumsy, but I hope you get the idea) ... "The following morning, Jane called John to tell him about the dinner. What do you think Jane said? Finish the following sentence."

- item 5: consider indicating that /p/ and /d/ are needed
- also, some context would be useful so that the Ss know what to expect

- item 7: perhaps you could connect it to (the hypothetical John in) item 4? Smile
- as Marta said, it should be more along the lines of item 1 - i.e. specific terminology (such as "Past Perfect") should be mentioned in the instructions, since you are testing recognition (and usage here, as well)

- item 8: consider swapping "math" with something related to food

- item 9: very original and creative! well done!
- what did you have in mind with regard to grading? which elements would you score here?

- generally, how could you give more authenticity to this test as a whole?

Hope you'll find some of these comments useful! Smile

Irena M.

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Re: Davor's test

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