Developing grammar and vocabulary items

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Developing grammar and vocabulary items

Post  Jelena Martinović on Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:39 pm

1. Choose the correct word to complete the sentence. (1 point)
We _______ the whole cake last night.
a) eaten b) ate c) eat d) eated

2. Decide whether the statement is true or false. ( 1 point)
Beet is usually big and yellow. T F

3. Circle the correct answer. ( 1 point)
My mom makes ____ best strawberry cake.
a) an b) the c) a d) no article

4. Fill in the gaps with the correct forms. ( 1 point)
If I ______ (own) a pizzeria, I _______ (eat) Viennese pizza every day.

5. Fill in the gaps with either /p/ or /b/. ( 2 points)
While Jenny was on the _each, drinking a cocktail containing small bits of _each, Bill was on the _ier drinking _eer.

6. Choose the correct word.
Jim's restaurant is home to world famous ______ bacon. (1 point)
a) fry b) fried c) frying

7. Complete the sentence by using past simple or past perfect form of the verbs in brackets. ( 1 point)
After Jill ______ (make) dinner, she ______ (call) her friend.

8. Complete the sentences by using prepositions. ( 2 points)
The child bit _____ a large piece of the candy bar.
She bit ______ her steak.

9. Fill in the blanks. (2 points)
A: What ____ your favorite meal?
B: I adore French ____. What do ____ like?
A: I'm a huge fan ___ pizza.

10. Choose the correct word to complete the sentence. ( 1point)
I don't like this soup. It is ________
a) tastless b) tasteless c) tasttles d) tastles

Jelena Martinović

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Re: Developing grammar and vocabulary items

Post  marta červar on Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:56 am

Hi, Jelena

I like your test. I have just a few comments:
task 4 - I would give more then 1 point for it. And maybe you should specify whether they can choose any type of conditional that can fit, or that you are searching for a specific type. I know that students tend to get confused if more options are possible.
task 7 - I think this would be more towards the usage of past tenses rather then understanding terminology (take a look at the handout unit4-assessing terminology)

the rest I like very much! (great distractors in task 10 Very Happy )

marta červar

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Re: Developing grammar and vocabulary items

Post  Irena on Mon Apr 18, 2011 4:57 am

Hi, Jelena!

In addition to Marta's feedback, here are some of my observations as well (please, consider them suggestions, rather than instructions):

- item 2: nice example Smile

- item 4: it's not an open-ended task
- reminder: open-ended tasks require the Ss to answer in their own words
- try to think of a task which would require the Ss to use conditionals --> perhaps give some context first
- in that case, you can test both form and usage

- item 5: the task was /p/ and /d/
- otherwise, I really like the sentence, nicely chosen vocabulary items related to food

- item 6: it seems to me that "home to" might be distracting
- consider rephrasing

- item 8: it doesn't seem to be testing meaning - perhaps you could provide the definitions in brackets or something similar so that you make sure that the Ss don't just put any preposition that comes to mind

- item 9: you could provide context by connecting the item with Jenny and Bill from item 5 Smile

- generally, try to think of a way to make the test more authentic

Hope some of these comments will be useful for you! Smile

Irena M.

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Re: Developing grammar and vocabulary items

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