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homework - Mladen

Post  Mladen Marinac on Wed Apr 13, 2011 2:11 am

1. Fill in the gap with the appropriate verb form.

Yesterday, I ____________( prepare) a delicious dinner.
a) prepare
b) have prepared
c) prepared
( 1 point; c) prepared)

2. Decide whether the following statement is true or false. Circle the right answer.
Desserts are served before the main course.
( 1 point; FALSE)

3.Fill in the blank with the appropriate article.

When do you usually eat ____ breakfast?
a) O
b) a
c) the
( 1 point; O)

4.Fill in the blanks with the appropriate verb forms. ( I am testing the form of conditional clauses)

If I ____________( be ) a chef then, I would not have worked for such a low salary.

If I were you, I ______________(prepare) something simple and tasty.
( 2 points )

5. Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks.
Yesterday, I entered the kitchen and saw a _elicious _ineapple _ie. I immediately forgot about the _lans I made for _inner.
( 2,5 points; 0,5 for each answer)

6. Match flavoures with the appropriate groceries.
peppers sweet
lemon salty
peanuts sour
chocolate hot
( 4 points, 1 point for every match)

7. Circle the past participle in the following sentence.
Everyone pretended that the meal was delicious, however, I knew I had put too much salt.
( 1 point; put)

8. Choose the correct meaning for the verb in italics.
I prepared the sauce last week and I put it in the freezer. I only have to thaw it out before dinner.
a)cool b) sweeten c) warm d) salt

( 1 point; warm)

9. Fill in the gaps using the appropriate words.
World cuisine is traditionally divided ________ regions according to the common use_________major foodstuffs, especially grains and cooking fats. ________ Central and South America, corn, _________ fresh and dried, is the staple. In northern Europe, wheat, rye, and fats of animal origin predominate,__________ in southern Europe olive oil is ubiquitous and rice becomes important.
( 5 points – into, of, in, both, while/whereas)

10. Underline and correct inaccurately spelt words in the following sentence.
The dinner was perfekt. We ate homemade nodles, drank waine and had all sorts of different deserts.
(4 points – 1 point for each correction; perfect, noodles, wine, desserts).

Mladen Marinac

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Re: homework - Mladen

Post  Ivona Matkovic on Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:35 am


This one also seems ok to me and my previous feedback applies here also. Instructions are clear and the tasks are testing what they are supposed to. It's a good thing you've written the answers in the brackets too. There is just one little detail... not a mistake... but more of an observation: the number of total points of the test (if my math is right) is 22.5. Maybe you should have put another word in task 5 so you have a round number of points overall.


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Re: homework - Mladen

Post  Lara Crnčan on Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:41 am

Hi, Mladen.

It is also a very interesting test I'd like to take Smile

I have only few comments regarding the tasks you have prepared:

4) Conditional clause - I wouldn't give them the whole main clause, but let them finish the sentence on their own (I only now see it, I did the same in my test scratch )

6) Sort of a question: is it flavoures or flavours? study In the same task we should be testing the form of vocabulary, and matching flavours with the groceries, for me, would be more around meaning. Maybe you could be asking for plural forms or something more related to grammar.

There are only my observations Smile

Lara Smile

Lara Crnčan

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Re: homework - Mladen

Post  Mladen Marinac on Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:19 pm

thank you for your comments. I find them straightforward and ,thus, very useful...

Ivona, to be honest, I really didn't pay attention to the total number of points. I was looking at the items as separate units. Nevertheless, I see your point and I am definitely going to be more careful next time. I guess, it would be wiser not to complicate things Smile

Lara, when it comes to the item with conditional clauses(4), I thought that students at the intermediate level would still be coping with the form of conditional clauses. I know many of my friends had these kind of items in their tests at their universities (I presume, they should be at the higher level). But, I guess, it all depends...

further on, item no. 6...fret not, it's not a new word, but my spelling mistake Embarassed I was either too lazy ( but what was the spelling checker doing?!) or too sleepy...I completely agree with you. This kind of item would test meaning, not form. It was an attempt to be creative, but it ended up rather lousy Smile

Mladen Marinac

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Re: homework - Mladen

Post  Dijana Lovaković on Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:47 am

Same remark as I have made on Ivona's homework - try and include one more option in MC questions (task 1 & 3). Perhaps in the first you could add d)had prepared and in third d) an - just to be on the safe side...

Dijana Lovaković

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Re: homework - Mladen

Post  Irena on Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:55 pm

Hi, Mladen!

Here are some of my observations (please, consider them suggestions, rather than instructions):

- your items are rather straightforward, which is well-done (they are, with some exceptions, testing what they are supposed to)
- how could you make your items more authentic? (at this point, it's a typical discrete-point test, lacking authenticity)

- item 1: consider revising instructions --> as this is a recognition task, I am wondering whether it is necessary to ask the Ss to fill in the gap, or rather, just to circle the correct answer
- also, as Dijana mentioned, perhaps you could try to think of another distracter
- let me draw your attention to the fact that this item is also testing usage (i.e. difference in usage between Simple Past and Present Perfect)

- item 4: it's not an open-ended task
- reminder: open-ended tasks require the Ss to answer in their own words
- try to think of a task which would require the Ss to use conditionals --> perhaps give some context first
- in that case, you can test both form and usage

- item 6: Lara already mentioned that it's testing meaning instead of form
- other than that, I really like it and find it creative Smile
- could you try to adjust it so that it tests form?

- item 7 & 8: wow, creative in making them not-so-easy --> nice effort! Smile

- item 9: interesting, although perhaps (but not necessarily) some words might impair understanding (e.g. staple, predominate, ubiquitous) at an intermediate level

- item 10: I'm wondering - would you consider giving points if a student recognized a word, but didn't correct it? (I'm not saying you have to, just asking) Smile

There you go, I hope some of these comments will be useful!

Irena M.

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Re: homework - Mladen

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