Ivana's items

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Ivana's items

Post  IvanaBuneta on Wed Apr 13, 2011 2:53 pm

1. Supply the correct past form of the verb in brackets. (1 point)
Last Saturday my mother _______ (buy) some organic food at the newly opened store on our block.
2. Decide if the following statements are True (T) or False (F). (2 points)
a) Many healthy recipes include vegetables such as brocolli, cauliflower, cabbage and raspberries.
b) For a person who does not display any signs of anxiety in a difficult situation we use the expression 'as cool as a cucumber'.
3. Fill in the blank with the appropriate article. (1 point)
You can put _________ pinch of salt even if you are making sweet pancakes.
a) a
b) the
c) /
4. Imagine you were someone/ something else: a) a master chef, b) a snail, c) a bartender and d) a vending machine and write down 2 sentences for each item about what would you like people to do and not to do. Start the sentence with If I were… (8 points)
5. The teacher will read you a short passage about making pancakes. Listen very carefully and write down what you hear. (8 points)
How to prepare delicious pancakes? Pancake mixture is made of very simple ingredients such as flour, eggs and milk. Don't forget to add a pinch of salt because it really makes a difference. To prepare pancakes you need oil as well, and make sure that the pan is non-stick. Finally, don't forget that the drained fruit can be added to the syrup. Enjoy your dessert!
6. Choose the correct word. (1 point)
I want something _______ to eat for lunch.
7. I have no idea…
8. Use the ideas in column B to complete the following sentences with the appropriate two-word verb. (3 points)
Colum A
a)He likes to ______ the pie _____ into equal slices.
b) I usually ______ the skin ______ the apples.
c) They _____ _______ twice a week.
Column B
peel off
fry up,
boil over
cut up
eat out
9. Fill the gaps with the appropriate word. (8 points)
What comes to your mind when _____ think of British food? Probably fish and _____, or a Sunday dinner of meat _____ two vegetables. But is British food _____ so bland and uninteresting? Despite a reputation ______ less than spectacular cuisine, Britain is ______ more and more top class chefs _______ dominate our television screens and whose recipe books frequently top the best seller _______.
10. Rewrite the following sentences correctly. Each sentence contains one spelling error. (3 points)
a) The typical American eats serial, eggs or oatmeal for breakfast.
b) Do McDonald's fryes have potato in them?
c) What do you like to eat with your chilly?


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Re: Ivana's items

Post  Jasmina Jelcic on Wed Apr 13, 2011 5:21 pm

Hi Ivana!

I had a look at your items and I must say you did quite a good job in my opinion. I liked it very much how you remained true to the topic in each item (they all have to do with food). Perhaps you should have introduced examples in your instructions just to make them clearer (I forgot to do so myself, but I find it's always good to have an example of how to solve a task).

Here are some minor observations:

Item 8 - I think the item should have contained different variations of the same verb (e.g. put off, put on, put down, etc.) At least that is how I understood the teacher's instructions (mind you, I am not sure about this). Otherwise, the item is well constructed.

Item 10- Here you used an error correction task just as I did. However, you also specified the amount of spelling errors in each sentence. At first glance this seemed to me as a good idea too, but then I thought about it and decided, for the sake of validity, not to disclose the number of errors to the Ss. In this way, you would test their knowledge of spelling on a larger scale (to solve the task, the Ss do not only need to know which words are misspelled, but also those that are spelled correctly).

Well done! ;)

Jasmina Jelcic

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Re: Ivana's items

Post  IvanaBuneta on Fri Apr 15, 2011 10:37 am

Hi Jasmina!
I agree this was not an easy task. Thank you for drawing my attention to certain problems. I will definitely take your observations into account when reconstructing my items.
I quite agree it would b wise to introduce examples in order to make the test more reliable. Also, I believe you are right about introducing different varieties of the same verb since all of you constructed the item in this way. Finally, you ' ve made a very good point about identifying the number of errors in item 10.
I was wondering if you could help me with something. I'm having doubts about item 6. I'm not sure whether the item actually tests form of vocabulary or just meaning (the question of validity)). Could you please tell me what you think. Thank you in advance.


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Re: Ivana's items

Post  Irena on Thu Apr 21, 2011 12:06 am

Hi, Ivana!

Here are some of my observations (please, consider them suggestions, rather than instructions):

- like Jasmina, I generally find your items to be quite appropriate and well thought out Smile

- item 2: you've managed to rise the T/F items to a higher level of processing, which is very well done
- in b), consider inversion in order to place more emphasis on the term "as cool as a cucumber" --> since this is the target term, it would be easier to process

- item 4: when I read through the item, it took me a while to become aware of the fact that you want the Ss to write sentences for all the given options
- to make the instructions more comprehensible, I suggest revising the format, i.e. putting options in different rows:
a) a master chef
b) a snail
- otherwise, it's a very interesting item, which clearly aims at open-ended replies, well done!
- what are the elements you would grade here?

- item 5: excellent work with instructions - you've provided specific context ("a short passage about making pancakes"), which is very important for processing such tasks

- item 6: at first I had absolutely nothing to add here, but then I read your question
- I agree, it seems to be testing meaning rather than form, since all the options you have are basically adjectives
- try to think of some other distracters which would include different word forms of the given stem

- item 7: this task refers to whether the Ss understand terms such as "Past Perfect" or "Simple Past" --> you're supposed to be testing the recognition of these terms within sentences you provide (take a look at one of the handouts, it's shown there)

- item 9: try to provide some context, like you did in item 5

- item 10: consider revising the instructions --> in a), there is not just ONE spelling error (in "serial" there's more than one thing to change)

Hope some of these comments will be useful for you! Smile

Irena M.


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Re: Ivana's items

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