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Post  Zorana Jančić on Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:23 pm

1. Complete the sentence by choosing the appropriate verb form (1 point)

Mark _________ about going to the new barbeque place yesterday.

a) thought
b) think
c) thaught
d) thinked

2. Decide whether the following sentence is true or false by circling T (true) or F (false) (1 point)

Horse-radish is a pink, round root that you can eat for salad. T / F

3. Complete the sentence by choosing the appropriate article (a, an or zero-article) (3 points)

Sally has been to the supermarket and she brought ___ fruit, ___ water-melon and ___ sausages.

4. Imagine yourself being the best chef in the world. What would you cook? Where would you work? Who would eat your food? Now complete the sentence using these guiding questions. Pay attention to conditional verb forms: (4 points – usage of appropriate form, and related food vocabulary)

If I _____________________________________________, ________________________________________________.

5. Carefully listen to the word spoken on the tape and underline it: (1 point)

a) good
b) food
c) dude

6. Match types of food with a specific dish (there is one extra on the left) (5 points) – culturally bound vocabulary

Mexican Pizza
Japanese Sushi
British Curry
Indian Burrito
Italian Fish and chips

7. Put S (for Simple) or P (for Perfect) verb tenses next to the following sentences. (4 points)

John ate all the food in the fridge. ___
We haven´t decided which restaurant to go to. ___
Mary has liked poridge since she was a child. ___
We cannot afford to eat in restaurants. ___

8. Complete the sentences by choosing one of the words listed below. Be careful, there is an extra one: (4 points)

- off, out, on, in, aside

Sara put ___ her chef hat and started to cook.
Milly was the one who put ___ the fire in the kitchen.
Frank forgot to put salt ___ the soup.
They decided to put their differences ____ and have dinner together.

9. You are a homeless person. Describe how you live in 5 sentences. Here are some questions to help you: (5 points – intelligibility of language, realization of ideas, word order)

-Why are you homeless?
- Where do you sleep?
- How do you manage to get food?
- In what ways does this kind of life affect your health?

10. Write the words next to the pictures: (3 points)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _

--the pictures would not copy-paste from word. the words are: barbecue, brocolly and stove

sorry for the delay, my bad.

Zorana Jančić

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Re: zorana_items

Post  Irena on Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:57 pm

Hi, Zorana!

Here are some of my comments (although I hope your team mates will provide some more):

- generally, I find your items well-developed and instructions clear and specific Smile

- item 4: excellent work with achieving a creative open-ended item
- consider giving an example of the target form, since this is intended for the intermediate level

- item 5: perhaps it would work better if contextualized within a sentence

- item 6: interesting choice of vocabulary, it would require pre-teaching
- also, consider using it as the theme throughout the whole test
- perhaps you could add some sentences to provide context, e.g. The raw fish I ate when I was in Tokio last month is called _______.

- item 7: consider asking the Ss to underline the verb as well --> the task would probably be easier to process

- item 9: again, excellent, imaginative, allows for a lot of creativity
- question regarding scoring: are you looking at the produced text as a whole or are you going to assign points for each sentence separately? --> if you're looking at the whole text (that's the way I understood your scoring schema), perhaps it would be useful to indicate in the instructions that the Ss are supposed to write a paragraph (up to 5 sentences)
- if you just put "in 5 sentences", you might get perfectly written but separate items, without cohesion
- also, is spelling to be considered in scoring?

- item 10: pictures and any other resources need to be added as attachments (the menu is below the posting text box)
- otherwise, good idea with the pictures - and since you're asking the Ss to provide the word, you're definitely testing more than mere recognition
- be careful with spelling though --> it's broccoli ;)

Hope you'll find some of these comments useful! Smile

Irena M.

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